Professional History

David DeDourek is a Toronto-based, award-nominated screen composer, multi-instrumentalist, and educator hailing from Fredericton, New Brunswick.

Best known for composing the original score for the award-winning web series “Space Janitors” (2014 Canadian Screen Award winner for Best Digital Series) and “peopleWatching” (2017 Banff World Media Festival Award winner for Best Web Series - Fiction), and the feature film “Pure Pwnage” (2016 Canadian Comedy Award winner for Best Feature Film), David’s screen composing work has earned him several nominations, including:

  • 2015 IAWTV Awards - Best Original Music nomination for Space Janitors, Season 3

  • 2018 T.O. Webfest Awards - Best Music nomination for peopleWatching, Season 1

  • 2019 Indie Series Awards - Best Original Score nomination for peopleWatching, Season 2

David’s focus as a screen composer is always on the helping the project reach its full potential. He enjoys working with producers and directors to find the meaning and emotional resonance of a scene and underscore it with just the right music. His work runs the gamut from epic John Williams-esque orchestral cues, to intimate jazz, to ambient electronic music.

He is a member of the Screen Composers Guild of Canada, and a regular attendee at the monthly meetings of the Toronto Ravel Society. He is bilingual in English and French.