Those who are talented, versatile, AND genuinely easy to work with are few and far between, but Dave is one of them. When your sole agenda is the quality of the project, your work will always be stellar, and so we’ve been extremely lucky to have someone like Dave on our project and he will always be first on our list for future collaborations as well.”

— Winston Rowntree (creater, writer and director, peopleWatching)

Dave is a pleasure to work with and always brings great ideas to my projects.  A real one stop solution to all your musical needs. He's always able to come up with a track that REALLY makes the scene work!”

— Geoff Lapaire (creator, producer and director, Pure Pwnage)

Dave's soundtrack work is nothing short of genius. I worked with him for a sci-fi series, and the first time I heard his composition it damn near brought me to tears. Borrowing deftly from the classics, flavoring them with just the right hint of a modern theme - all working in concert to place just the right picture in the mind of the audience. He elevated our work. I've heard stories that the first time Lucas felt his little space movie might work is when he heard Williams' score. After working with Dave, I can empathize.”

— Davin Lengyel (producer, Space Janitors)

David is a breath of fresh air for a film director to work with.  He is bright, funny, giftedly creative and a breeze to work with.  We worked together for about a year on a musical film.  He was instrumental in taking my clumsy half-lyrics and ideas and making them come alive to breathe pure musical bliss.  I certainly look forward to working with David again in the future.”

— John Collicott (writer and director, Heavenly Gifts)